Monday, 12 October 2009

A History Of Computer Games (Brief!)

Apparently a Mr A.S. Douglas was the first person to create the first graphical computer game- a version of tic-tac-toe. What a nerd! The first which I believe is recognizable to a video game is ‘Tennis For Two’, a game developed in 1958 on an analogue computer which simulates a game of tennis or ping-pong on an oscilloscope.

The reason that Tennis For Two stands out from the other earlier graphical computer games is that it displays motion and it has the graphics contained within the system. Also one reason is stands out for me personally is that Pong, the first commercially available video game, available on Atari, which was introduced 15 years after Tennis For Two has a very similar concept in its gameplay to Tennis For Two. This is significant to me because, as we can derive later games from Pongs gameplay, I feel Pongs gameplay can be derived from Tennis for Two.

The first game I ever remember playing was Tetris on the original Game Boy, which was also the first console I owned (even though it was a handheld!). As everyone probably knows it is an immensely addictive game, but to me, the thing which made it most iconic was the music. Music A in the original Game Boy edition has become very widely known, and, in case you were wondering, it is an instrumental arrangement of a Russian folk tune called “"Korobeinki”.

The most recent game I have played is Gran Turismo on my new PSP GO! How far things have come to be able to achieve graphics so good on something i can fit in my pocket!

Plenty has happened in between including an array of consoles that I couldn’t possibly fit it all into this one post! But for me there a number of reasons why I have carried on gaming. One, playing a video game has always been a great substitution for school work! Two, I feel that as game developers strive for greater interaction between the game and a gamer, the games become better and more playable and is probably why a lot of people have stuck with gaming. And three, because its cool!

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